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Nice to meet you
Milka Forcan

Welcome to my website which provides an overview of some of my professional and personal activities aimed at supporting the development of the business community, enhancing the image of Serbia abroad and encouraging the uptake of international standards in our business practices at home.

Through almost twenty years working at Delta Holding, one of the largest private companies in the Balkan region, I have had the privilege of engaging with international decision makers and business leaders on a regular basis. What I want is to be able to bring some of my international experience back to the benefit of the economy in Serbia and the wider region.

It is my firm belief that open regional and international dialogue is the key to future stability and prosperity in this part of the world. The business community at large has a crucial role to play in this process, and in Serbia’s road towards full EU Membership. 

It was with this in mind that I established the International Relations Department at Delta Holding in 2008, which helped to organize and headlined the first EU-Serbia business conference. Over the past two years while working in this field, I had an opportunity to participate in many international business forums and to gather significant experience and network of contacts in the international arena. I am also very pleased to be a Member of the Business Advisory Council for South East Europe in which regional business leaders pool their experience to develop initiatives aimed at promoting economic development and creating greater employment and educational opportunities.

As I close the chapter on my responsibilities at Delta Holding, in the next period I will focus my professional activities in the area of business and policy consulting and lobbying.

Despite the still unfolding global financial crisis and the challenges ahead, with a young dynamic population and an ambitious business community I am convinced of the great potential of Serbia and the Balkans region.

Yours sincerely,
Milka Forcan